Corporate Videos

We do SAME DAY SERVICE!  Filmed, Edited, Uploaded the same Day, or fully fledged advertisements for television, cinema, or mobile phone screen !

Corporate function coming up? Cost effective small budget production are taken care of in the same manner as complex productions of hour long Infomercials.

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Music Videos

… and although BTH ‘Behind the Scenes’ and BBF specialist filming allowed us insight to some big stars, like Ludacris, Rick Ross, our Music Videos are mainly for the stars of tomorrow.


How much does one Music Video cost?
Well, how much does a meal cost, how much does a car cost? It differs! Fact is: we can make it look like US-based productions.

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Web Videos

camera13 had the honour to showcase our social media video storytelling. Often it is not just about to film an event. It is a about telling a story to reflect a clients’ vision. Johannesburgs’ northern burbs “Langhams” posh event and function venue had two mini videos produced. .


Our newest video eyebrow raiser, is a holographic projection of a speaker, standing right among the guests. It is more than a party trick – it gets people to listen !  Read more


Professional Video Production Services

camera13 is a Johannesburg based Multimedia Company specialising in HD Filming and Editing

Our global journalistic background allows to apply our mind to your corporate needs. Safety Videos, Media Training Role Play videos

We emphasise on a quick turnaround time, outputting high-end audiovisual Products. Having been blessed with tasks in over 20 African countries, our work spectrum is broad but nonetheless precise. We are driven by our client’s vision. They allow us to conceptualise and visualise their specific needs within projects and within budget!

Camera13 has a small production facility in Cape Town and have secured camera services in Durban. Within Africa, camera13 has signed partnership with production facilities in Harare, Zimbabwe and in Libreville, Gabon.


  • luvuyo studio 02It was great to meet you and an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you for having everything planned out so well and making sure the various components ran smoothly. I hope we get to meet on the court one of these days. But I’m sure that’ll happen one day when our schedules calm down.
    Have a great weekend!

    Luvuyo Mandela
  • The specific strengths that I appreciate Boris bringing to our film project, are that he is pragmatic and creative – a rare combination. He was agile in what were varied and difficult circumstances in the far northern desserts of South Africa, with a backup plan for all eventualities! And all this while delivering a most extraordinary quality of camera work, needing little or no direction to gather images that become the soul of the documentary film we produced. We are planning future projects in which Boris is an integral part of the execution.

    Kessete Tekié | Independent Risk Management Consultant
  • Boris is a creative film maker and editor. We have worked on 4 productions over the years and with each project his input has been invaluable. He knows his stuff, and if you are willing to learn, he will enhance your knowledge and understanding of his work. He is flexible and patient and encourages constructive feedback. I recommend his services as he will deliver professional and quality results.



    Khethi Ntshangase | Music Content Producer, Publisher
  • If you are looking for a cameraman that simply ticks off the list of shots you give him, well you could book almost anyone on the market. But if you want a DOP that gets involved in your project, that shows creativity and has a real interest in the success of your film then Boris is your man! He is a team worker that wants to play an active part in a project instead of just being a service deliverer. Together with his robust but fine equipment he was battered, bruised and tested in all sorts of ways on many of my productions in remote parts of Africa and the Middle East. But (unlike other professional DOPs that I’ve worked with) he never showed nerves or started complaining. Instead, he always managed to deliver top quality even under the most difficult circumstances. He has a strong sense of responsibility and always finishes a project as best as he can – which usually is the best it can get. Boris has also developed his own unique (and affordable!) version of motion control technology which I’m hoping to use on several new projects in future. I can only recommend this man, you can’t go wrong!

    Dominik von Eisenhart-Rothe | Producer/Director of TV & corporate/image films