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Professional Video Production Services

Corporate Videos

Corporate function coming up? Cost effective small budget production are taken care of in the manner as complex productions of hour long Infomercials.
Pre-Recording a CEO, or MD’s speech, a small role-play video for training purposes, or a product tutorial Video for your Internet.

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Music Videos

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary for our first music video ON AIR. Since then one question has remained the same: We get asked; How much does one Music Video cost?
Well, how much does a meal cost, how much does a car cost? It differs! Fact is: we can make it look like US-based productions.
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We have done, or facilitated Videos for Unicef, FIFA, MRC (Medical Research Council, South Africa), Germany’s GIZ, South African and International Broadcasters and Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s get a 30% Discount).
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Camera13 is a Johannesburg based Multimedia Company specialising in HD Filming and Editing on Location throughout Africa.  We emphasise on a quick turnaround time, outputting high-end audiovisual Products, viewable on your location via HD Projection. When we leave, we leave final product behind – mastered to tape, DVD, or Blu Ray. Most, if not all necessary gear travels with us.

Having been blessed with tasks in over 20 African countries, our work spectrum is broad but nonetheless precise.
We are driven by our client’s vision. They allow us to conceptualise and visualise their specific needs within projects and within budget!

Above Advertising was produced for the West African market. It was shot in Johannesburg, Lanseria Airport. The client asked for an International Flair. The production also features a bit of Green Key application, although it is difficult to notice. The advertisement is playing currently in Gabon, just after Prime Time News.

Camera13 has a small production facility in Cape Town and have secured camera services in Durban. Within Africa, camera13 has signed partnership with production facilities in Harare, Zimbabwe and in Libreville, Gabon.

Our mobile Green Screen came in handy for recordings of messages by CEO’s and other senior managers. Often the big Bosses have not enough time or patience to learn a script given to them shortly before camera rolls – hence we are using a TELE PROMPTER, or AUTO CUE, which allows to project the script into the lens. Debeers, Afrisam and NGO’s were among our clients and were happy about our quick setup time of 20 minutes. What worked for FIFA in 2010, now works for them!

Recently, camera13 was contracted to shoot an AXE Deodorant Space Campaign insert. We believe our client, Gorilla Creative Media in Durban was happy.
The difficult task was to find the right location that would create a plausible scenario for viewers to believe that we actually shot in SPACE. Secondly the shoot was a Green Key shoot which our mobile studio mastered – after adding extra lighting.
We would like to thank Mandy Jacobson of the Paramount Group for arranging for camera13 to shoot in one of their “special purpose” vehicles. It made all the difference!